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What does Valid10 mean?

We needed a name for the company. We wanted the name to reflect what we do but, more importantly, how we do it. This took some thought and a little reflection over our work to date.
We have spent most of our time managing change. Well no, we haven’t. We have spent most of our time leading change. This is a subtle nuance but it is very important for many reasons. We firmly believe that you manage the status quo and you lead change. Management is about the here and now and leadership is about getting to somewhere new (and hopefully better).
So. Change. We have only ever changed things for three reasons. These are:

1. To get the job done better.

2. To make things better for the people doing the job.

3. We were told to.

Of these three reasons, only the first two are valid. The third is not a reason to change anything, but it is one that we have had imposed upon us. We disregard number 3.

We looked back over the changes we had led and the improvements we brought to people and processes. We put people first here because people are the most important thing, the hardest thing, the most frustrating and the most rewarding. There was a theme running through most of these changes; they were enduring. Many of the changes we led have endured for over ten years. Some have been refined further, some remain stable and resilient but all continue to reap the rewards for the business units and, more importantly, the people who use them.

This brings us to Valid10. We want to help you. We want to help you towards a more sustainable and resilient business. We want to bring our global experiences to your business and help you make the changes that will see you better equipped for the future. We want to ensure those changes are just as valid in a decade as are now. Let’s get it right, first time.

Apologies for this slightly long-winded explanation of our name, but it does demonstrate the thinking we put into what we do.